Kids Design & Make

Interested in science and engineering projects? Click on any of the projects below to see kids describe how they did the project. There are also lists of materials you need and suggestions for your own project.

Slippery Slide

Lola and Isabella explore sliding, slide incline and surface, and things that slide.

Rotary Switch and LED

Luis and Awad make a rotary switch and a circuit for the switch to control.

Wind-Up Toy

Malik and Awad show how to make a wind-up toy and how it works.

Slide Switch and a Buzzer

Awad and Luis show how to make a slide switch that controls the sounding of a buzzer.

Money Alarm

Awad and Luis make a money alarm and show how it works.

Flip Toys

Awad and Luis make a flip toy that works by forces of gravity and tension.

Sara and Lola's Wind-up

Sara and Lola make a wind-up with a clear plastic cup

Make a Belt-Drive Car

Awad makes a belt-drive car. A rubber band transmits energy from the motor to the wheels.