Module 1

Energy Systems

The Energy Systems sequence consists of four curriculum units, which integrate math science, engineering and literacy across the elementary grades.


The key concepts in this unit are gravity and its enemy, friction. Students try to get a cardboard sled to move down a ramp, and then help it by using rollers, and finally adding wheels. A sled with wheels is a car!

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Fantastic Elastic

Students design, construct and test two kinds of elastic powered vehicles: wind-ups and balloon cars. Each one stores potential energy in an elastic medium, and then releases it as kinetic energy, powering the vehicle.

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This unit develops concepts of energy and electricity through design of circuits controlled by hidden switches. Opening or closing a box or card triggers lights and sounds, and sets color wheels or vibrators in motion.

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Students learn concepts of energy and electricity by designing, building and testing their own battery-powered cars. They develop and apply troubleshooting techniques, and write troubleshooting guides and instruction manuals for fixing and making their cars.

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