Energy systems


11. Make an ElectroFying ElectroCity


In this lesson, students continue working on their ElectroFying ElectroCities, which they have designed and begun to make in Lesson 10. They will present their work in the next lesson, which includes a video showing some sample student work.

Advance Preparation

Photocopy Assessment (downloadable at bottom of page)


  • Partially completed ElectroCities from Lesson 10
  • Additional materials for completing ElectroCities


  1. Continuing work on ElectroFying ElectroCities: Students complete their ElectroCities, test and troubleshoot them as necessary.

  2. Instructions for operating your ElectroCity: Remind students to create instructions for using what they have made. These instructions should be attached in appropriate places, and might be as simple as “Press here”, “Look through this hole” or “Open here”.