Energy systems


12. Present Your Electrocity


Students present their ElectroFying ElectroCities to an audience.

Advance Preparation

  • Invite an audience and prepare space for student presentations
  • Photocopy assessments (downloadable from bottom of page)


ElectroCities completed in Lesson 11


  1. Preparation: Students prepare their ElectroCities for presentations

  2. Presenting ElectroCities: The presentations could could be done in a variety of formats. For example;

    • Formal presentations: each student could demonstrate what he or she made and explain the steps involved in designing and making it.
    • Museum: Students could create a museum-style display of their work, with labels to tell viewers about each item.
    • Invention convention: Students could present their work like in a science fair, discussing their projects with visitors who stop by.