Energy systems


11. Gearing up for the Auto Show


Students continue to work on their improved cars, write Instruction Manuals, and prepare for presenting their work in the next lesson.


  • Partially completed improved cars from Lesson 10
  • Materials for adding lights and horns: AA & coin batteries, LEDs, buzzers, paper fasteners, wire, cardboard, tape
  • Craft materials for decorating vehicles: Ribbon, yarn, felt, pipe cleaners, beads, cardstock, pom-poms, etc.


  1. Continuing work on improved cars:
    Students complete making their cars, test them, troubleshoot, and redesign as necessary.

  2. Instructions for using your car:
    Someone might not know what they would have to do to activate the lights, horn or motor.. Ask each student to attach a short instruction guide, such as “Press here to operate horn,” which will tell the user what to do.

    Science Notebook

    Describe and draw what you made.
    List the problems that came up, and what you did to troubleshoot each one.
    What did you learn from doing the project?