Energy systems


12. The Auto Show


Students present their cars to an audience.


  • Redesigned cars from Lesson 11
  • Worksheets and science notebooks that illustrate their design and redesign processes


This is the culminating lesson, where students will present their final cars to an audience. The display could take one or more of several forms:

  1. Formal presentation:
    Each student shows his or her car to an audience and explains what he or she did to make it.

    • Describe the materials used, the steps taken to make the cars, and how the car works.
    • Compare the Lesson 11 car to the original car from Lesson 7, holding them both up and testing them against each other.
    • The cars should be signed and named.

  2. Museum:
    Students create a display on tables, where visitors can view the cars and learn about how they were made.

  3. Car Fair:
    Like a Science Fair, visitors come to view the cars and students explain their cars to them.


Students gain recognition for their efforts and ingenuity.