Force and motion


12. Presenting Mechanimations


Students complete and present their stories and MechAnimations. An integral part of every presentation is the design and redesign process each student has gone through. Presentations may be to the class, another class, parents, the school, or even on-line.


  • Student MechAnimations
  • MechAnimation stories
  • Science notebooks


  1. Completing MechAnimations. Students complete their MechAnimations and stories. They prepare to present them.

  2. Presenting MechAnimations: Students may present their stories and MechAnimations to their class and other classes. In addition, here are several suggestions for culminating events, providing opportunities for students to present their designs to a wider audience. This may be a good opportunity to emphasize that the project is interdisciplinary. It integrates math, science and technology with art and English language arts.

  3. Bulletin board display: MechAnimations and their stories can be attached to bulletin boards. Strategically placing push-pins will allow viewers to try them out to see how they work.

  4. Table tops: For Parent-teacher Conferences, Open School Night, or other community events, the MechAnimations, their stories, and the science notebooks can be displayed on desks or tables so visitors can see the process and the results.

  5. Invention Convention: Stage a science-fair style event, to give students an opportunity to explain what they made and how it works to parents and other visitors.

  6. Puppet show: You could coordinate all of the MechAnimations around a common theme, and use them for staging a class puppet show.