Force and motion


2. Make a Pop-up


Based on what they have learned in Lesson 1, students try to make their own pop-ups. As they do, they keep track of issues that arose, and of steps they took to address these issues.


For the class: Charts from Lesson 1
For each group: At least three simple pop-up books, cardstock in a variety of colors, one or two pairs of scissors, a roll of masking or cellophane tape, markers or crayons for decorating pop-ups
For each student: Folder for storing pop-ups, science notebook


  1. What is troubleshooting? Discuss the concept of troubleshooting.

  2. Making pop-ups. Distribute materials and encourage each student to make their own pop-up. Post a list of outcomes from Lesson 1 and suggest that students refer to these if their pop-ups don’t work. As students are working collect a list of issues that come up.


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