Sara and Lola's Wind-up

Wind-up materials

Lola and Sara use a:

  • stick
  • bead
  • hole punch
  • rubber band
  • 2 tops
  • clear cup
  • paper clip

Make a hole

Sara makes a hole in the bottom of the cup . She uses a push pin to get the hole started. Then she enlarges it with a pointed stick. (What else could she use to make the hole larger)? Sara will use the same technique to make holes in the centers of the lids that will be the wind-up wheels.

Thread the rubber band

This is how Sara and Lola thread the rubber band.

  1. Place the rubber band through the bottom of the cup
  2. Make holes in the lids.
  3. Push the rubber band through one wheel and hold in place with a paper clip.
  4. Push the other end of the rubber band through the second wheel. Hold it with a stick.
  5. Push the rubber band through a bead and now place the stick through the end of the rubber band.

Let it go!

Sara and Lola test their wind-up. If it doesn’t go, it often helps if you wind it more. Lola explains that if the two wheels are the same it will go straight. If you want it to go in circles, make the wheels of different sizes.

Experiment with your wind-up. Make changes in the size of the wheels. Try different lengths and thickness of rubber band. If you wind it more, will it go further? How much further?