Slide Switch and a Buzzer

Materials for a Slide Switch

These are the materials to make a slide switch connected to a buzzer:

  • cardstock (thin cardboard)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • three paper fasteners
  • two wires 6” long
  • wire strippers
  • buzzer (3 volt)
  • coin battery (CR 2032)

Make a Slide Switch to Control a Buzzer

Awad and Luis make a slide switch that controls a buzzer in the video to the left. They:

  • Make a base for the switch and buzzer
  • Attach one buzzer wire to a fastener
  • Attach the other wire to a coin battery
  • Connect a wire from the other side of the battery to the second fastener
  • Use a third fastener as a slide that can connect the other two fasteners.

The Buzzer Sounds!

When Awad slides the fastener to the top, it completes the connection between the tops of the other two fasteners. This makes a complete circuit and the buzzer sounds.