Energy systems

Fantastic Elastic

10 Continue the Redesign


Students continue to re design and/or make a fancy wind-up for the auto show.

Advance Preparation

  • Continue to make examples of different sorts of decorated wind-ups available.
  • Photocopy “Assessment: How a Wind-up Works”. (Download Below)


  • Wind-ups begun by students in Lesson 9
  • Same materials as were available in Lesson 9


  1. Class Meeting:
    Distribute the wind-ups and invite a few students to share their plans for completing their decorated wind-ups. Remind students to keep good notes on what they do and the problems they solve. They will use these in Lesson 11 when they write their “How-to” books.

  2. Complete the redesigned and decorated wind-ups:
    Observe what students are doing. Make sure they are keeping both notes and sketches in their science notebooks.

  3. Distribute the unit assessment:
    “How a Wind-up Works.”

  4. Outcomes:

    • Students complete their wind-ups and the notes of how they made them.