Stuff That Works

The Stuff that Works! series includes five curriculum guides that develop strategies for teaching elementary-school engineering using found materials and addressing everyday problems.


The "Stuff that Works!" series includes five titles: "Mechanisms," "Packaging," "Mapping," "Designed Environments" and "Signs, Symbols & Codes." These five curriculum guides were written by the City Technology team and published by Heinemann in 2002. Their goal is to provide ideas for integrated teaching of engineering, science, math, literacy and art in elementary classrooms. They were the outcome of a collaboration between two City College faculty members and seventeen New York City public elementary teachers. Each book includes an introduction to the topic, overview of its basic concepts, activities developed and implemented by teachers in their own classrooms, accounts by the same teachers of how these activities transpired, and other resources and standards alignments.

Professional Development Guide

Made to compleiment the five books, it has half-day workshops on Mechanisms, Packaging, Mapping, Designed Environments and Signs, Symbols & Codes. The Guide for Professional Developers has strategies and methods for doing professional development.